Pictoria is about capturing those moments when....

      You’re celebrating the landmarks and launching of life.

             Your family is gathered.

                    Your senior is ready to spread his wings.  

                          Your parents are celebrating their 50th.                             

                                  You’re not celebrating anything, but you want to

                                        remember the beauty of this season with your

                                        dear ones.                   


Why choose Pictoria?

                               Pictoria is personal.

  1. Pain-free photo sessions: relax (and maybe even enjoy yourself! ) in a low-stress environment.  Together we’ll find an outdoor spot that reflects your style and is right for you.

                                Pictoria is original.

  1. Creative settings and unique posing in a variety of photographic styles.

                            Pictoria is affordable.

  1. Keep the disc of  high-resolution images from our session. Families and graduates start at $250.  Professional quality prints available at reasonable prices.